Sweet Tooth Fairy : Support Small

Hi friends! @meganfaulknerbrown here! First and foremost, I hope you are happy and well and surviving this time with a happy heart, a clear mind, and a healthy body!  THANK you so much for your support through the years. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to be associated with so many wonderful people -- like you!!! 
So, I put this page together to hopefully more efficiently explain how you can help support Sweet Tooth Fairy during this wacky time! It is kind of a lot of info because there are a lot of dynamics with the operations of our bake shops. But to put it simply... there is a 3-prong approach. 
#1 Order treats from your local Sweet Tooth Fairy bake shop (if you have one near you)
#2 Order treats to ship to anyone nationwide
#3 Donate to our Social Sweetening efforts

 #1 LOCAL OPTIONS: Order treats from your local Sweet Tooth Fairy bake shop: (which are all independently owned and operated-- so they're like..small businesses within our small business)

  • All of the shops are doing some sort of delivery via DoorDash, Uber Eats, GrubHug, etc or in-house delivery. 
  • Our headquarters location in Bluffdale is servicing a 20-mile radius AND we're offering free delivery from there!!! This link will take them to the Bluffdale local menu where they can find options like the Cookie Dough I left you. :) We are doing an automatic 20% of their first order from our Bluffdale headquarters --- so that's a great little motivator for people within a 20 mile radius of Bluffdale (basically from Orem all the way up to Salt Lake!) And! the Cookie Dough is NEEEEEW! So that is really exciting for us to be offering this to our customers now!!! We also have cookie and cupcake decorating kits that we are doing now too! Fun stuff! 
#2 NATIONWIDE OPTIONS: Order treats to ship to anyone nationwide: If you don't live near a bake shop, there are options they can choose on our  e-commerce site here. They can get cookies, Cakebites, gift boxes, and  lots of other fun things! They can send their loved ones across the country a lil' something to let them know they're thinking of them! 
#3 GLOBAL OPTIONS: Donate to our Social Sweetening efforts: we're offering an opportunity for people to pay-it-forward and buy treats (by way of donating in $5 increments) for us to deliver to our community heroes out on the frontlines!!!  This is the link for that! A great option for people all over who want to help do some goodwill by both supporting a small business but also thanking people at hospitals, clinics, first responders, schools, gas stations, grocery stores, etc. So as you can see, it is a lot of info but hopefully it makes sense and is somewhat helpful to you. Thank you again for being a bright spot in my life. As always, no pressure! I hope these treats brighten you and your peoples' day.
Much love and gratitude and virtual hugs,